23-03 NCAA Squares

By Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom (other events)

Fri, Mar 31 2023 3:00 PM PDT Mon, Apr 3 2023 9:00 PM PDT

The Sports Squares program is a quick and easy way to support MoTAS and Temple Ahavat Shalom. All monies earned by this program are used to fund special activities of Temple Ahavat Shalom that are above and beyond what is covered by the general fund. Full details on the program are available at . The program is based on the six games that cover the Mens and Womens "Final Four" teams: the two semifinal games on March 31 (Womens) and April 1 (Mens) and then the championship games on April 2 (Womens) and April 3 (Mens). Note: Online registration and payment will include a handlng fee from our online ticketing processor. If you want to avoid this fee, visit the website, download and print the form, and mail in your payment.

A brief reminder of how the game works:

  • Entries: The basic entry is $36 per square.
  • Limits: A player can reserve up to 3 squares and up to 3 more for their spouse.
  • Payouts: Payouts are $150 for both the halftime and final scores of each game. As with the football squares, the winners are determined by the last digit of a team's score (so 67 is a 7). The grid numbers at the top (home) and down the side (away) are randomized for each game; square position in the grid is the same for each game. If the board is not fully subscribed, the payout is proportional based on the number of subscribed squares.
  • Unsubscribed Squares:  To address the possibility that all 100 squares might not be subscribed, the following is the procedure for empty squares that win: each player will make a guess as to what the total number of points both teams will score . This number will be used to settle all cases, for all games. If you purchase more than one square your "number" will apply for all your squares. Closest to actual score wins (payouts divided with ties). If there is no halftime winner, the final score prediction will still be used. For example: NCAA 73-59 = "132" (73+59)
  • Totals: The total payout is $300 per game, $1800 for all six games. This results in up to $1800 for temple projects, less small administrative costs.
  • Other Notes: Unless otherwise designated by the NCAA, the home team for any game will be the school located closer to TAS.

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